Create Your Robot




Hello boys, lets play new fun game for free. Download free and try to create your own robot. Become greatest robot creator and makeover robot the best you can. You have few sets of robot parts, like set with heads, set with torsos, then legs and powerful hands. Use your imagination and dress up your robot. This is robot evolution, and your mission is to build your robot and make real robot superhero. If you are crazy about robots and mighty machines, we ask you to accept this cool dress up challenge, and try assembling a large and powerful robot. Join this very popular click adventure and give your best to create your smart hero.

Choose model you like the most and your dress up contest can start. Use one mighty torso, then put head on the body. Fix the robot by finding all pieces. Select powerful arms and strong legs. Choose a appropriate weapon. You will become a famous robot maker and robot creator. This is fun dress up games for boys. You can select and other robot parts like batteries, lights, gun, swords, etc. Build as many monsters as you want, there are many combinations. Create one robot policeman, soldier, steel robot, space base robot or even robot zombie. Use your imagination and have lot of fun. This is new dress up game girls, for boys, and teens who are crazy about super heroes, and for everybody who like fashion design, and wish to be best stylist for heroes. Get the robot super heroes prepared to fight against the bad guys. Make real funny adventure with your robot. Create Your Robot is creative and fun app that allows you to make and build wacky and fun robot which you can then share with your friends. Use your creativity to piece together robots part by part.

Features categories:

  • plenty models
  • torsos
  • legs
  • arms
  • weapons
  • wings
  • backgrounds

You can:

  • Save your model, take a photo, use it as wallpaper