Jumpy Lion




It seems like the king of the jungle is in trouble! He was in a good mood, casually strolling the savanna and enjoying his afternoon. That is when he realized that his enemies decided to catch him unprepared and destroy him! Oh no! They are chasing him and the lion must jump! He is a good lion, and he now needs your help, so meet your new friend, the brave lion. Download the popular Jumpy Lion app for free and help him get away from these malicious creatures! Play the top jumping game and embark upon a new adventure with your cool, new friend. Your main task is to help your hero jump as high as possible and avoid enemies. Manage lion to jump from one platform to another by moving your smartphone, but beware of dangerous enemies that want to harm our sweet little friend! The enemies are the vulture, the eagle and the parrot, and they are very angry at the lion so make sure you stay away from them. There are endless grassy platforms, and cool speedups in this top jumping game. Collect shield as it will protect you from the enemies. The sneakers and the rockets will give you acceleration and make your hero jump higher so don’t miss them!

Your mission is to:

  • keep the lion jumping
  • avoid the enemies – the malicious birds
  • collect shield for defense
  • collect rockets and sneakers for acceleration
  • get the highest score

Download the latest jumping game for free on your smartphone and have fun with the wildlife. If you are a fan of jumping games, the amazing jumpy lion is the right choice for you. Help your hero jump by moving your smartphone, and try to get the highest score. Share the latest jumping challenge with your friends because the game will surely entertain them. This will become your favourite game since it is perfect for boys and girls of all ages. It can be very dangerous in the jungle, so make sure you are well-prepared for the best jumping adventure. Download the coolest app that has beautiful landscape graphic, best effects and relaxing music. Our lion is brave and together you two will have fun and get the highest score, there is no doubt!

How to play features:

  • move the smartphone to jump
  • stay away from enemies
  • collect bonuses