Jumpy Penguin




The penguin we have here was always the best among his brothers! He is very skilled, smart and curious. He was never clumsy like the rest of his brothers and friends. The penguin learned how to jump when he was a baby penguin, and now he is ready to enter a penguin jumping competition. Since he decided that he wants to be the best in the colony, he will concentrate on that, but he needs your help too. Download Jumpy Penguin app on your smartphone for free and get ready for a fun ride. Your task is to help your penguin jump as high as possible and avoid enemies. You should manage the penguin to jump from one platform to another by moving your smartphone, but there is one more thing! The jealous creatures will try to disrupt your penguin’s mission. That is why you need to be very careful and to avoid enemies. There are endless snowy platforms on this popular app. Collect shield since it will protect you from the enemies – the birds. But that’s not all, the sneakers and rockets will give you acceleration and make your hero jump higher! You and the penguin will become the best team ever, so download top jumping game and see it for yourself.

Your mission is to:

  • keep the penguin jumping
  • avoid the enemies – the malicious birds
  • collect shield for defense
  • collect rockets and sneakers for acceleration
  • get the highest score

This popular game is perfect for boys and girls of all ages, and it surely is addictive. Penguins are those animals everyone likes, because they are just adorable in everything they do! Whether they waddle in their rookeries or just stand there in their distinct tuxedo-like appearance, they look funny and irresistible. You will have so much fun helping the jumpy penguin win and you will focus on getting the high score. Download the latest jumping game on your smartphone for free and enjoy playing this popular app. This top jumping game will exercise your reflexes, so focus on avoiding the enemires so that you save our little hero from falling. While jumping it is important to collect awesome powerups such as poweful rockets and cool sneakers, and they will help and give you acceleration so your little hero can jump higher and higher. Keep in mind that jumpy penguin is all about snow and ice, so prepare for a new winter adventure.

How to play features:

  • move the smartphone to jump
  • stay away from enemies
  • collect bonuses