Pizza Defense




Pizza Defense game app is new, totally amazing and cool game for kids, teens and adults. We imagined one wonderful relaxing picnic day, near water, surrounded by beautiful nature, trees, green hills and grass. We have one delicious pizza for lunch time. But, we have a big problem. There are plenty of boring insects flying and walking around. Our pizza is going to be attacked by annoying bugs, ants and other insects who want to steal our pizza. Your mission is to defend and protect pizza from dangerous and very fast insects. Tap to kill bugs, and don’t let them to eat your pizza. Give your best and become the most popular pizza defender. Smash animals, tap them faster and faster, and don’t let them to come closer to your pizza. Enemies will come from everywhere. So give your maximum to defend pizza. Become real superhero playing this interesting and funny game.

Your mission is to:

  • protect your pizza from the bugs
  • do not hit friendly bugs
  • watch out for bonuses
  • score as much as you can within given time

Download Pizza Defense game app for free, and play the best defense game with beautiful landscape graphic, relaxing music and top effects. Play best pizza keeper game during travel time, and in any time you want. We are sure you will love this latest funny game. Play and have lot of fun. The smell of fresh, warm pizza topped with thin slices of bacon and cheese covered with olives and tomato sauce spreads everywhere. Plenty of annoying insects, doodlebug, ants and bugs are in rush to have free delicious meal. Be careful, they are very fast and very hungry, and the only thing they need is your picnic pizza. Faster you play, faster collect bonuses such as glue and bugs smasher. This will help you to slow down insects, or to kill all of them in one go. Keep pizza from sharp teeth and other great powers. So, be careful and don’t let the bugs eat your delicious lunch. You have to cope with these food pests as quickly as possible. Protect your pizza against hungry bugs, such as bees, crickets, spiders, caterpillars, scorpions etc. But be careful, you have and friendly insects, aswell, like butterflies and lady bugs. Please do not hit and hurt them. They are friends and just flying around. Don’t let insects to destroy and eat your hard work in the kitchen. Everybody loves pizza and wants to have it for lunch time. Play this popular Pizza Defense game app and have lots fun. Make good strategy, and keep insects away from your pizza. Play the game and have fun, and best relaxing time. Tap screen and smash enemies.

How to play features:

  • Tap to kill bugs
  • Don’t hurt friendly bugs
  • Collect bonuses