Smash Santa




This year, the evil Santa is coming to town! Again! Oh no! He had already been here one year, and all the kids cried because he took away all of their presents and toys for himself. He is very selfish and he doesn’t like children very much. Santa actually ate all of the candy on his way from the North Pole beacuse he was hungry. The kids will be devastated! We must stop him. Download the popular Smash Santa game for free and stop this terrible Santa from coming to town. Play xmas smash game and smash the evil Santa. Tap to smash him as soon as you can, and use the hammer to smash him on his head. The moment you see him come out of his pit, be quick and smash him. Do not have mercy on this Santa, because he lost his sleigh on his way and his reindeer strayed away. Can you imagine? He didn’t even bring jingle bells and his Christmas sack is almost empty. But that is not all, he keeps snowman as a hostage. That poor little fella, he is in real trouble! Download the latest new Smash Santa app, destroy Santa and save the snowman.

Your mission is to:

  • smash Santa by tapping the screen
  • use the hammer to smash santa
  • save the hostage
  • get the highest score or score as much as you can within given time

Do not let Santa meddle with your Christmas spirit, smash him and prevent him from destroying everyone’s Christmas. As soon as you see him coming out of the pit, smash him with the hammer and show him who is the best. Download the latest Christmas game for free and have fun with the Santa because this enemy will surely entertain you. He does not want to leave anything for kids underneath the Christmas tree or in the Christmas stocking, so we must react and stop this evil Santa from coming. All you need to do is to tap the screen as soon as you see him, so be very alert. You can choose the mode you want to play, so you can decide on the one where the snowman is the hostage. The new top game is perfect for boys and girls of all ages, as well as for adults, so smash the evil Santa and enjoy your winter holiday. Have a Merry Christmas, download the best Santa game and get ready for the holiday fun in the snow.

How to play features:

  • Choose the mode you want to play
  • Smash Santa as many times as you can within given time
  • Get the highest score